Who’s Who of Nazis in the Bay Area

These White Nationalist/Neo Nazi groups are active in the Bay Area. If you see stickers, flyers, flags or graffiti with these images, report the date and location to bay161 at riseup dot net. Whenever possible, tear down or post over their materials.


1. Patriot Front (national organization) – “Patriots” by light of day, admitted white nationalists and National Socialists (i.e. Nazis) behind closed doors. Their dream is a white ethnostate with the enforcement of “traditional white families”, with all of the racism, misogyny, homophobia and transphobia that infers. They pretend to be mere conservatives but in private chats they celebrate Hitler’s birthday and admit their goal is to deport all nonwhite people and put “deviants” in work camps. There are between one and three hundred of them in the US and a network of at least 4 known members in Northern CA who occasionally do stickering/stenciling/”trash cleanup” and banner drops in the Bay and post them to their social media.


2. Proud Boys (national organization) – Most people know them as a racist fraternity & drinking club, but their ties to blatant white nationalists and full-blown Nazis have become more and more obvious. They espouse violence, posture endlessly and show up to hate events to do “security”. If there’s no counter protest, they will wander the streets assaulting marginalized people, especially queer and trans people and POC. They have a revolving door of participants and large events draw them from points in the Bay and beyond. They had meetups in the Mission a few years ago, and routinely meet up in Sacramento. The fact that they got a shout out from Trump has reinvigorated what we thought was fading out, and has increased their level of violence. They’re pretty much guaranteed at “Straight Pride” events.


3. America First White nationalist movement masked as a pro-Trump “old school” (read neo-segregationist, anti-Black, white supremacist) conservative movement headed by 2017 Charlottesville Unite the Right attendee and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes. With ties to groups like Identity Evropa and American Renaissance, the “Groypers” (what some adherents to America First call themselves) often style themselves as campus conservatives and have waged a “culture war on the culture war” showing up at Turning Point USA and other mainstream conservative youth groups to push them further right towards overt neo-Nazism. Fuentes was a major organizer around the J6 capitol storming and the lead up #StopTheSteal protests, where numerous America First flags were spotted. Local crossover with sympathetic members in leadership positions in UC Berkeley’s Berkeley College Republicans, Mt. Diablo Republicans, as well as the statewide California College Republicans/California Federation of College Republicans.


4. Boogaloo Boys (autonomous “militias”) – they’re essentially paramilitary LARPers in Hawaiian print shirts, and yes, they are racist. It’s more difficult to see them in CA because of the Mumford Act (they can’t publicly display guns, which is their thing – see other states, especially Michigan). They are blatantly attempting to accelerate the breakdown and balkanization of the United States (or in some cases desire a race war) where they hope to seize the moment to carve out their own little reactionary fiefdoms, which they assume white people will win and then return to a mythical greatness and prosperity. There are plenty of them organizing online in CA, including the Bay, and there have been a bunch of them at ReOpen/anti-mask rallies in Sacramento and other Central Valley cities. Often Boogaloo Boys will present themselves as “Anarcho-Capitalists” and associate with the Jo Jorgensen/Spike Cohen 2020 Libertarian Campaign. Making Kyle Rittenhouse a national hero basically poured kerosene on this dumpster fire. Like QAnon supporters, Boogaloo Boys gesture towards some elite “deep state” control of the government and have been known to use more QAnon styled slogans like “#SaveTheChildren” and “Kill Your Local Pedophile” often masking thinly veiled antisemitism. Boogaloo Boys are likewise very focused on their public image and public relations, often looking to form bad faith “alliances” with Black Lives Matter protestors where they can embed themselves, surveil left-wing protests, and normalize their presence at protests against the state.


5. Revolt Through Tradition/Rise Above Movement/International Conservative Community (international organization) – Founded by racist Huntington Beach skinheads Robert Rundo and Benjamin Daley (originally called DIY Division), RAM or the Rise Above Movement built a reputation in 2017 as a Neo-Nazi fight club through a series of violent attacks along the California Coast. With a notable presence at the 2017 “Battles of Berkeley,” RAM used these rallies to build up to their eventual participation at the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. Suffering legal trouble after their attacks, co-founder Ben Daley was arrested, and Rundo went into hiding in Eastern Europe, a region which he built a friendly working relationship with the their fascist movements. With RAM disbanded and numerous members exposed, Rundo continues organizing through his Media2Rise propaganda accounts, and adherents have formed Revolt Through Tradition, RAM’s spiritual successor, which focuses on emphasizing the work of Italian fascist Julius Evola. With International work done through the vehicle of the unassumingly titled International Conservative Community, Rundo and Daley’s network continues to propagandize white supremacy and neo-Nazism.


6. Rhodesian Flag & Camoflage (commonly used symbol) – occasionally used by Boogaloo Boys and other armed white nationalists. Rhodesia (present day Zimbabwe) was a white supremacist, settler-colonial apartheid state named after English colonizer and mass murderer Cecil Rhodes. During its short lived existence as an independent state Rhodesia was championed by white supremacist militiamen in the United States who, encouraged by the magazine “Soldier of Fortune”, attempted to join the project as volunteers. A close ally of apartheid South Africa, white supremacists (see Dylann Roof) today use their patches, camoflage, and flag as a dogwhistle to white nationalists broadly.

7. Three Percenters (national organization) – National and Statewide militia loosely organized around the symbology of the III% which represents for its adherents the oft-touted myth that only 3% of American settler population took up arms to overthrow the British in the revolutionary war. Three Percenters are usually extremely anti-Muslim, anti-Black, and often fly the Confederate Flag alongside the Gadsden/American. Tied to numerous hate crimes, members of the Georgia III% “Security Force” provided security for the white supremacists who marched at Charlottesville “Unite the Right”. Locally, III% bumper stickers can be seen alongside other thin blue line/”come and take it” and “Punisher” style bumper stickers. III%-er organizer Aaron Bate is a local organizer with his “Boots on the Ground Branding” and various III% groups are active in California (III% United Patriots etc). The California State Militia, specifically the 2nd Regiment Echo Company is active in the Sacramento and Central Valley area, and demonstrates III%er type ideology and symbols.

8. Q Anon (national movement) – They’re an antisemitic death cult originating from 4chan and 8chan (online far-right imageboards) and are obsessed with shockingly intricate and ridiculous conspiracy theories, including all of the usual vile antisemitic tropes, up to and including blood libel. Sadly, there’s a lot of entryism into all far right and even moderate right wing organizations as well as the new age “health” subculture. They’re running a lot of candidates for public office and have massive numbers in terms of online presence. We’ve seen evidence of them doing outreach and promoting in the Bay. Many of their members are also members of other hate groups, or exist within the same right wing protest ecosystem. Proponents of the QAnon conspiracy theory often mask their beliefs due to the theory’s unpopularity and have used coded hashtags like “#SaveTheChildren” and “#Adrenochrome,” or slogans like “WWG1WGA (Where We Go One We Go All” to mask their association with the QAnon movement.

9. Golden State Skinheads (regional, mostly Central Valley) – classic boneheads with swastika tattoos. Participated in the Traditionalist Workers Party rally June 26, 2016 at State Capitol in Sacramento and stabbed seven people. They have ties to the Bay, as some of them live in the East Bay and South Bay off and on. There is considerable overlap with other subcultural white nationalist clubs, such as Bikers for Trump, Three Percenters and oddly, Asatru Folk Assembly a neo-pagan white supremacist organization.


10. American Guard (national organization) originally founded in Indiana with a presence on the west coast, American Guard are a group of mostly older racist skinheads looking to “get in” on the anti-immigrant violence associated with Trump rallies. Started out of the Indiana chapter of the Soldiers of Odin USA, itself run by Brien James (now a Proud Boy) of the Vinlander Social Club – a neo-pagan racist skinhead group, American Guard masks its vicious anti-immigrant bigotry with patriotic stars and stripes type imagery. Common signifiers of American Guard association include the crossed meat cleavers, a reference to the film Gangs of New York, which they idealize the character of “Bill the Butcher” an anti-immigrant gang leader. Additional symbols are an American flag shield with a cannon + the “come and take it” slogan and the slogan RAHOWA, an acronym for Racial Holy War. American Guard members have been seen buddying up to local MAGA organizer (and friend of blatant Nazis) Lindsay Grathwohl at the StopTheSteal protests in Sacramento.

11. RWDS Right Wing Death Squad/6MWE: Right Wing Death Squad and Six Million (Jews) Wasn’t Enough. Two slogans and acroynms associated with the Proud Boys spotted at recent protests in the Pacific Northwest and in DC at StopTheSteal protests. RWDS is also a common ideological concept of the alt-right which idealizes the murder of communists, anarchists, and other leftists and draws heavily from the White supremacist concept of “Day of the Rope” referencing mass lynching and a supposed race war.

12. Goyim Defense League: founded by failed rapper/actor Jon Minadeo, a conspiracy theorist and Holocaust denier, the GDL is an Neo-Nazi response to the Anti Defamation League that seeks to spread antisemitic conspiracy theories with deliberately provocative PR stunts like protests outside of Holocaust Museums complete with Roman salutes, swastikas, and skullmasks. Based off of the word “Goy” or “Goyim” a yiddish slang term for gentile which the GDL believe constitutes some sort of persecution of white people, they’ve attempted to appropriate the term in some sort of pathetic “act of defiance”. When they aren’t getting their asses kicked and chased out of whatever neighborhood they decided to harass, the loosely organized membership of the GDL participate in banner drops, livestream, and make antisemitic propaganda on their site “Goyim TV”. They have taken their hate tours as far as Colorado and Florida.


San Jose/Bay Area Alert: Nicholas Hazen Welker of Sunnyvale, CA aka “KingOv VVrath” tied to Kerrville mass shooting plot

Nicholas Hazen Welker aka “KingOv VVrath” poses in a image posted to the InJekt Division Telegram. Prior to being arrested for a planned mass shooting at a local Walmart, Coleman Thomas Blevins as user “Korb Taran” wrote, “Secondary shoutout to our networking official Wrath. He’s got his grimy little fingers into extremism all over the internet. Without those leprosy ridden fingas, InJekt Division would not exist in any capacity today. Catch him at the next faggot EDM festival. We’ll be working the ‘fog machine’ if you catch my drift. Our stage name is gonna be Zyklon Bizzle88 uWu”.

     This past Thursday, May 27th Coleman Thomas Blevins of Kerrville, Texas was arrested by the KCSO Special Operations Division and was believed to be planning a mass shooting targeting a local Walmart, a copycat of the 2019 El Paso Shooting. Blevins was arrested with firearms, ammunition, and ideological paraphernalia including several notorious accelerationist works including The Turner Diaries and eco-fascist Mike Mahoney’s book Harassment Architecture. Blevins additionally possessed and displayed the Battle Flag of the Confederate States of America, a Falangist (a Spanish fascist tendency) flag, the flag of Saudi Arabia, and a modified Reichskrieg flag with a Sonnenrad and Odal rune featured prominently on it. In an interview Blevins made comments suggesting that his father Barry Vincent Blevins (who lives in the Alpine, Texas area) shares his views on National Socialism. In addition to electronic materials seized, police found T-Shirts of both InJekt Division and the National Revival Movement, two obscure Telegram channels which as user “Korb Taran” Blevins participated in and was the self proclaimed “Clerical Fascist” president of the former. InJekt Division’s version of Clerical Fascism as Blevins outlines closely aligns with Christian Identity, and believes that Jewish people are descendants of Satan and advocates for a specifically Christian theocratic form of fascism. Since his arrest and the apparent arrest of an unidentified associate “Remco” the Neo-Nazi terrorist group Fuererkrieg Division has released “Free Korb” and “Free Remco” propaganda which has been reblogged by InJekt Division.

Seized firearms, ammunition, and Nazi paraphernalia from Coleman Thomas Blevins residence. On the right are T-shirts of InJekt Division and the National Partisan Movement/National Revival Movement.
“Free Korb” propaganda circulating Telegram. The neo-Nazi terror group has likewise shared “Free Korb” propaganda.
Within InJekt Division, Blevins and the other participants formulated a COVID vaccine influenced brand of accelerationism inspired by an emphasis on sobriety, “fedposting”, and a crude and perverted white supremacist appropriation of Islam. With the InJekt channel created on February 1st, 2021, InJekt along with a network of smaller chats: JihadWaffen Division/MuslimWaffen, the National Revival Movement, the National Partisan Movement, Cult 1488, and AngelWaffen Crew all traded members with each group averaging only roughly 200 members. Apparently drawing energy via the recent San Jose mass shooting which left 9 dead, as well as the cynical appropriation and hijacking of the energy from the Palestinian solidarity movement, InJekt Division and its members pose a serious threat.
Despite having roughly 240 subscribers on telegram, InJekt has significantly less “named” official members or “shieldholders” with around 12-15 members claimed with a loose surrounding of “friends” and associates. Via voice chat discussions, encouraged  “fedposting” and raids on other servers InJekt hoped to grow its ranks. Blevins claims the three main functions InJekt Division serves is as a propaganda outlet, record label, and as a white supremacist alternative to the twelve-step program. With Blevins posting before his arrest, “Good morning. I don’t have a gun. I’m grooming you for terrorism. This is a suicide cult because I hate most of my friends, but for the ones I like this a doomsday cult. Allahu Akbar.  I once shot up a banana because I had a potassium deficiency. I hate love and I love hate. I don’t have a gun . Goodmorning. (sic)”, it is clear that these telegram groups serve to groom and push its largely “Gen Z” membership to acts of accelerationist violence up to and including mass shootings and with strong influence from the Iron March Neo-Nazi forum as well as AtomWaffen Division. With National Revival Movement having a much more sparse internet presence it does appear possible that as a Texas resident (and due to his possession of the CSA Battle Flag) Blevins was a member of the NRM “Dixie Cell”, however the structure and framing of this and other telegram groups he participated in seem largely played up for recruitment and grooming/stochastic purposes. The first message of the channel stated “InJekt Division is headed by the the highly exclusive ⚡️⚡️hock Waffen Twins inner circle. We aim to strictly enforce group cohesion. All the infighting that typically plagues other groups will be directed outwards to Z.O.G.”, due to photographic content posted to the channel it appears that Belvins was one of the “ShockWaffen Twins” with the other unidentified member being the second official member or “shieldholder”. The group has likewise associated itself with the youth led “National Partisan Movement” and claims the NPM is their “greatest ally”. It is likely the two are organizationally connected and the division of groups is more optical than anything else, meant to cover all bases for recruitment as Blevins has appeared alongside “Panther” of NPM in an interview. 
Blevins likewise made frequent reference to Operation “Sink the Boat” which he claimed had clandestine aspects associated and was to be carried out by the inner circle of the Shock Waffen Twins, potentially including the unidentified associate “Remco”.
The NPM is covered more extensively in the piece below https://www.hopenothate.org.uk/investigation-for-the-future-by-the-future/.
“Temple ov Blood” imagery along with a karambit and bayonet style knife posted to Welker’s Facebook alongside a NSBM cd. TOB is heavily associated with the neo-Nazi satanist ideology “Order of Nine Angles”.
Welker posing in front of “5150” written in what appears to be blood. Evidence indicates that following or preceding this event Welker stayed at the Julian Street Inn halfway house (546 W Julian St, San Jose, CA).
Welker exhibiting poor trigger discipline on his “Nazi Walther P38. Originally owned by a German Officer with the last name of Brakhag.”

With its sparse membership recruited online and allegedly covering national and international territory, InJekt Division’s third official member and network head, Nicholas Hazen Welker (30) of San Jose, CA is of significant importance to understanding the operation of the group. As an Order of Nine Angles infiltrator into the group, which presents as an accelerationist form of Clerical fascism, Welker appears to have done much work in recruitment and in connecting the group to other fascist networks. As Blevin’s wrote on February 6th, five days after the channel’s creation, “Shout out to our networking guy, @King_ov_Wrath welcome aboard. You’ve been instrumental in getting this and several other projects off the ground. Appreciate your work” and thirteen days later, “Secondary shoutout to our networking official Wrath. He’s got his grimy little fingers into extremism all over the internet. Without those leprosy ridden fingas, InJekt Division would not exist in any capacity today. Catch him at the next faggot EDM festival. We’ll be working the ‘fog machine’ if you catch my drift. Our stage name is gonna be Zyklon Bizzle88 uWu (sic).” Welker also runs his own telegram channel as “KingOv VVrath” which is much smaller and Right Wing Death Squad or RWDS themed, although it will not be named. On his personal channel Welker has posted propaganda for AtomWaffen Division, Fueurkrieg Division, Sonnenkrieg Division, The Base, as well as propaganda from O9A and Vic Mackey aka Andrew Richard Casarez​’s informal group “The Bowl Patrol,” a group that idolizes white supremacist mass shooter Dylann Roof. Casarez lives in Orangevale, CA.

Welker poses in a Telegram post wearing a shirt of American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell. Tattoos on Welker’s arms and knuckle confirm his identity.
09A and Bowl Patrol branded propaganda posted to Welker’s personal telegram.
More propaganda posted to Welker’s personal Telegram featuring Charles Manson and a Sonnenrad.
One of many instances of Welker sharing AtomWaffen Division propaganda. In addition he also has shared propaganda and literature from Sonnenkrieg Division, Fuererkrieg Divison, Iron March, and Fascist Forge among others.
For more Information on “The Bowl Patrol” and Vic Mackey aka Andrew Richard Casarez: https://accollective.noblogs.org/post/2020/07/07/vic-mackey-of-the-bowl-patrol-identified-as-andrew-casarez-of-orangevale/

Welker’s tattoos further confirm his identity. Welker posted the photo directly above following the start of rehab. Blevins stated in an interview that InJekt Division is a national socialist alternative to the twelve-step program in addition to being a record label and propaganda outlet.

Identified as Nicholas Hazen Welker of the South Bay area, most recently residing with his mother at 1625 Sunnyvale Saratoga Rd, Sunnyvale, CA, 94087 (roughly twenty feet from an ages 5-9 playground), Welker appears to be a key member in connecting InJekt Division to various other accelerationist groups. With a criminal record of around twelve/thirteen arrests spanning domestic violence (which it appears he received a restraining order for), drug possession, various parole violations, and assault with a deadly weapon, it appears that Welker has connections with white supremacist prison gangs, hashtagging Tumblr posts as “#wood” a reference to the Peckerwoods and likewise having tattoos associated with white supremacist prison gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood (a spider web between his thumb and forefinger, an iron cross prison tattoo, and a Thule Society/Thule-Gesellschaft Völkisch style swastika on his right shin). Welker likewise has flashed a white power hand sign associated with Peckerwoods and California White Power gangs. 

A since deleted photo of Welker posing in front of a Reichskrieg flag similar to Blevins with a AtomWaffen Division branded copy of James Mason’s SIEGE, wearing an InJekt Division shirt. His spiderweb and iron cross tattoo similarly suggest a background in white power prison gangs and the racist skinhead subculture.
Image of a white power SS patch. Hashtagged beneath it are references to Peckerwoods and 23/16 or “WP = White Power/Pride” a common dogwhistle used by West Coast racist skinhead gangs.
Welker flashes a “W” handsign associated with West Coast racist skinheads and white supremacist prison gangs.

With a heavy internet presence and a friends list spanning numerous other accelerationists and racist skinheads as well as National Socialist Black Metal fans it appears that Welker is active in fascist creep in sub-cultural areas online and in the Bay Area – specifically the South Side of San Jose and Greater San Jose area (Welker has geo-tagged locations in South San Jose, Campbell, and Santa Teresa). A fan of NSBM, photos of Welker show him wearing T-shirts of Burzum and Marduk, paling around with similar self-styled boneheads, as well as complaining about antifascists shutting down a planned Marduk concert in Oakland. Welker’s long internet history and presence show a heavy involvement in the local metal/noise scene as well as a championing of white supremacist and explicitly Neo-Nazi beliefs and symbology with reblogged propaganda from the Iron March and more recent Fascist Forge forum (as well as several others which will be left unnamed), Order of Nine Angles, Temple ov Blood, and a since deleted but archived photo of Welker in front of a Reichskrieg flag similar to Blevins holding a copy of James Mason’s SIEGE posted to his Facebook. In the photo Welker is wearing a AtomWaffen style-skullmask and the edition of SIEGE is “bloodsplatted” in a similar manner to AWD propaganda. Numerous posts suggest that Welker is active on Neo-Nazi SIEGE style forums. Despite his numerous convictions and an involuntary commitment to a mental institution resulting in his stay at the Julian Street Inn halfway house, it appears that Welker is armed, with him posting a photo of an original German walther that he proudly proclaims belonged to a German officer. On another smaller personal telegram channel Welker shared field guides on starting a militia unit, as well as field manuals/guides from various paramilitary Neo-Nazi groups. Additional posts to his tumblr demonstrate a fascination with sexual violence and an aesthetization of “snuff” style content as well as slasher films. Welker has also shared footage of the 2019 Christchurch mass shooting. 

Image uploaded to Welker’s Facebook featuring the logo of AtomWaffen Division as well as a Valknut.
Welker holding a copy an Order of Nine Angles publication while wearing a Burzum T-shirt with a Leben-rune.
Propaganda from the neo-Nazi paramilitary terror group “The Base” posted to Welker’s personal telegram.

Welker has additionally gone by the personas of “crackerNASTY” and “NASTYxNICKY,” and “✠Oskar Mödr✠” prior to his involvement with O9A and InJekt Division and is a member of the “GoreNoise/Pornogrind” band SxSxOxTxCxPxBxAxOx as “Skūllfûccër” whose unabbreviated name will not be shared. Described on their account as “Originally a one man gorenoise project from Sweden created by Ivar, as of March 2017, Skūllfûccër joined and performs voxxx.”, the band is signed to the Gore Infested Record Label. As InJekt Division’s secondary function is to serve as a record label as well as Welker’s own posting on his personal channel it appears that he is especially active in the O9A/SIEGE music scene on telegram.  

Welker wearing a “No Lives Matter” T-shirt. Within chats he exhibited specific violent anti-Black hatred.
Welker wearing a Marduk t-shirt dressed more inconspicuously near a Santa Teresa transit stop. The above images appear to be how he dresses when he is out and about.
Welker showing off his Mortician shirt while 5150’d. He bragged to his social media following that he menaced other patients.

While Welker’s presence as a Satanist in an Clerical Fascist lead group may be confusing, it appears that Blevins sought to recruit from all white supremacist friendly religious tendencies of the movement despite the O9A doctrine to essentially hijack these groups for their own satanic or “Magian” benefit. Users in the InJekt chat frequently derided and spoke violently towards satanists and it is unclear if Blevins and Welker were transparent with the rest of the membership about the inclusion of O9A adherents. On May 4th Blevins wrote, “Just because someone wears a siege mask and a swastika does it mean they have any rightful place in the movement.  The constituency of Nazi Hogwarts (things like O9A and TOB) are traitors. They deify degeneracy, they worship rape and fecal matter. It’s a psyop used to discredit those of us who truly carry on the torch of Western Civilization.” On a person telegram channel mentioned above, Welker shared an meme depicting bestiality and captioned it “Korb’s splinter group”, suggesting his O9A infiltration was causing friction within the group.      

Welker posing with his mother near Santa Teresa Theatre.
On his Facebook Welker lists his most recent occupation as the Goodwill of Silicon Valley and claims to have gone to Highschool at Lynbrook and Homestead High and studied at De Anza College. He is single.
Because he is armed, has a history of violence and abuse and associates with other known violent groups and individuals, and because he has networked consistently within various online fascist entities and music subcultures we feel that Welker is a person of note among fascists in the Bay Area and the community should be warned of his presence.
Report any and all fascist activity to bay161@riseup.net

Travis Morrissey — Berkeley Acacia’s Alt-Right Fraternity President

Travis Morrissey poses with members of the re-founded Berkeley Acacia fraternity chapter at a Masonic Lodge. Morrissey claims that “under my leadership the ranks grew to 30 members” and claims to have “mentored underclassmen in an unofficial capacity with regards to their computer science coursework”. For the duration of his time at UC Berkeley Morrissey was a member of the white nationalist Matt Christiansen and Rebecca Hargreaves “Call-In Show” Discord.
Travis Morrissey is the former President of UC Berkeley’s Acacia Fraternity and currently resides not far from campus in the University Village Student Apartment Complex in Albany, CA (485 Ohlone Ave Apt 209, Albany, CA 94706). A white supremacist, misogynist, and antisemite, Travis Morrissey was one of the most active participants in white nationalist Matt Christiansen and anti-feminist youtuberturnedwhite nationalist Rebecca Hargreaves “Call in Show” Discord Server prior to it being leaked and posted to UnicornRiot[dot]com.
The official “@calacacia” Instagram account confirming Travis Morrissey’s past leadership position as “Venerable Dean” of Berkeley Acacia. Morrissey likewise claims to have served as treasurer in addition to his role as founder and president of the fraternity.
Travis Morrissey featured in an official UC Berkeley LEAD Center YouTube video. At the time of this writing Acacia is listed on the LEAD Center website as part of the Intrafraternal Council and is said to be “expanding” .
Hargreaves, an anti-feminist traditionalist and white nationalist streams alongside the more toned-down Matt Christiansen, who presents as a 2nd Amendment advocate and anti-Black Lives Matter libertarian. Christiansen runs his own show where he comments on “fake” hate crimes and Black Lives Matter demonstrations as well as other inflammatory clickbait pieces to present a narrative of an intensifying leftist mob threatening American liberties. He hosts alongside Hargreaves who also hosts her more explicit “Blonde in the Belly of the Beast” show and who has interviewed out-and-out white nationalists like Steve Franssen and Brittany Sellner, as well as psuedo-academic antisemite E. Michael Jones and pro-Rape advocate turned antisemitic Orthodox catholic convert Daryush Valizadeh commonly known as “Roosh V”. Together Hargreaves and Christiansen have reported live at the 2016 Republican National Convention for the neo-Pagan white nationalist media site “Red Ice TV” and were spotted chatting with the thenhead of Identity Evropa, Nathan Damigo. Hargreaves has also appeared on the white nationalist podcast “Radio 3Fourteen” and together with Christiansen hosts the “Matt and Blonde Show (previously called “Beauty and the Beta”) as well as the “Call in Show”. 
Redacted “meme” of the 2019 Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant shared by Travis Morrissey as user “Big T” in the Matt Christiansen and Rebecca Hargreaves “Call-In Show” Discord Server.
As the fourth most active participant in the “Call in Show” Discord Server, Travis Morrissey facilitated and joined at least one Bay Area meetup for listeners of the show and for the large duration of his time in the chat was attending UC Berkeley, which he described as “antifa country”, an “antifa stronghold” and “behind enemy lines”. As user “Big T”, Morrissey shared memes glorifying the perpetrator of the Christchurch shooting, Brenton Tarrant, and eagerly shared archived footage of the attack as it happened in 2019. Morrissey was also a member of the discord of Carl Benjamin, a UK based anti-feminist, anti-Muslim far-right personality and failed UKIP parliamentary candidate who infamously tweeted out “I wouldn’t even rape you #AntiRapeThreats #FeminismIsCancer” to Labor Party Parliament member Jesse Phillips, resulting in a wave of harassment and threats being directed toward her. Morrissey, as a fan of both Benjamin and Hargreaves, has argued for repealing the 19th amendment (which prohibits the denial of the right to vote on the basis of sex) stating, “ive actually gotten a few women on board with it, you start with getting them thinking about how much they hate other women, and then add in how irrational and emotional their decisions are”.

Within the Call In Show discord, Morrissey shared the dox of students he believed to be “antifa”, argued in favor of allowing lolicon  (anime pornography depicting underage children), lowering the age of consent to 16, and discussed upping his ammo purchases for “ala ferguson style” (riots). He additionally championed Jordan Peterson and pondered “what do we do with the population of people who have an iq < 85ish”. Self-identifying as a Libertarian who claims to believe in the principle of “volunteerism” like Christiansen, Travis Morrissey is really just a white supremacist hiding from labels that might get him in hot water, while championing views held by the likes of Hargreaves who may be too “edgy” to celebrate on their face. Morrissey has additionally expressed a vicious hatred for the local unhoused population of Berkeley and claims “i also beat up junkies for a hobby. 😛 (sic)” and “having lived in both WA and the bay area, i have zero sympathies for homeless. While in Christiansen and Hargreaves Discord he facilitated and attended local meetups and expressed repeated disdain for UC Berkeley’s self-proclaimed values of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” which coincidentally are values cited on Acacia’s website at acacia[dot]org

“HENCE why its a strawman to call them pedos,” Morrissey carrying on the Libertarian tradition of dying on the hill of the demarcation of ephebophilia and pedophilia regarding a discussion of free speech on Gab and “Lolicon” pornography.
Morrissey arguing for the lowering of the age of consent to 16 “with a romeo and juliet clause as well”
Meme shared repeatedly by Morrisey in the “Call-In Show” Server poking fun at sexual assault
Meme posted by Travis Morrissey trivializing the Holocaust, Transatlantic Slave Trade, and violence at the hands of ICE/Border Patrol.
Anti-Black meme posted by Morrissey, invoking and seemingly supporting the Ku Klux Klan
Morrissey claiming that he regularly assaults un-housed people in Berkeley.

On March 15, 2019 the day of the Christchurch attack, Morrissey shared a dropbox link to a ripped stream of the massacre saying, “found the full livestream of the mosque shooting. lol he says ‘subscribe to pewdiepie'”. Later the same day he said “i have uppers that need lowers -wink wink-, just put them in a non descript brown box and send them via the postal service. i swear im not an atf agent 😉” (referring to upper and lower receivers of an AR-15) he later went on to joke with another poster that he had “14 shotguns” “with 88 boxes of slugs” referencing the common neo-Nazi dogwhistle 14/88. He then went on to matter-of-factly discuss Tarrant’s massacre of 51 people and share another bitchute link of the attack. When one user joked he wanted to get an AR “so I can shoot up my… local range target” Morrissey responded “lol #paperlivesmatter”. Morrissey would often spam violently anti-Black memes in the discord and occasionally use the n-word for “comedic” effect, as well as promote anti-Black slogans like “13/50” (a tired but oft-touted myth among white supremacists that Black people constitute thirteen percent of the population but commit fifty percent of crimes) and reference “Black crime statistics”. Months later in the discord Morrissey made reference to the “Boogaloo” a far-right and racist meme detailing a hypothetical second civil war, encouraged a user to “yell the south will rise again, and give a rebel yell,” and described a B.A. in African-American Studies as “a worthless degree”.

Morrissey sharing the link to the livestream of the 2019 Christchurch shooting hours after it happened. “lol he says ‘subscribe to pewdiepie,'” Morrissey notes.
As an ideological racist and libertarian, Morrissey argued about the libertarian concept of the NAP (Non-Aggression Principle) with various alt-right adherent fans of Christiansen and Hargreaves’ call in show, and talked on numerous occasions of a libertarian outlook on reparations to slave owners stating “whenever ppl talk about illegal immigration as being a net positive to GDP, i always love throwing out that slavery is also a net positive to GDP. labor costs are fixed under slavery.”
“whenever ppl talk about illegal immigration as being a net positive to GDP, i always love throwing out that slavery is also a net positive to GDP. labor costs are fixed under slavery.”
All the while posting in the “Call in Show” Discord, Morrissey was active in UC Berkeley’s Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers club, and “re-founded the California chapter of Acacia Fraternity” holding a position of President and Treasurer. While President of Acacia Fraternity (which has a physical location on Frat Row: 2340 Piedmont Ave, Berkeley, CA) Morrissey boasts that “under my leadership the ranks grew to 30 members” and claims to have “mentored underclassmen in an unofficial capacity with regards to their computer science coursework”. This is concerning as Acacia has a history of abuse and racism scandals, with numerous chapters including those at Purdue, LSU, and Baton Rouge all suspended at one point for sexual harassment or rape, including underage drinking preceding sexual assault. Acacia chapters, some of which are referred to as “colonies,” have additionally faced scandals following racist incidents like at Bloomsburg University where fraternity members “allegedly traded racist messages, using the n-word and swear(ed) off permitting black members”(https://buvoice.com/3388/news/bloomsburg-university-fraternity-members-caught-trading-racist-messages-on-social-media/). This widespread culture of sexual misconduct and racism appears so severe that a pdf shared publicly on Acacia’s official website titled “Parties Gone Wrong” specifically instructs and reminds Acacia members not to wear Klan hoods or wear Blackface amongst other racist and bigoted party themes. The paper notes that “your chapter’s bad judgment could show up on YouTube or Facebook” and that “these organizations faced a loss of recognition as a result of these parties (depicted)”. 
Morrissey poses alongside newly recruited Acacia Fraternity “brothers”. While in the “Call-In Show” server he encouraged other Alt-Right members to “hide their power level” and hide their racist beliefs while gradually indoctrinating others into their white supremacist worldview.
With numerous commenters on GreekRank[dot]com describing Berkeley Acacia as a “bottom tier” fraternity, other comments prove much more concerning with users posting “My friend was taken advantage of here. Bottom house.” and numerous posts reviewing the fraternity with 1.0-2.0 reviews out of five citing “creepy” behavior from fraternity members. Acacia was shut down briefly around 2017 but was re-founded by Morrissey and is currently “continuing to expand” according to the UC Berkeley LEAD Center website which lists Acacia on its spreadsheet for the Intrafraternal Council (IFC) last updated Spring 2021. 
Equally concerning is the fact that Morrissey himself bragged often about violence within the “Call in Show” discord, recounting a fight where he “tried going for the nuts, but couldnt reach. so i reached back and managed to shove my thumb into his eye socket to the first knuckle and started fishing around in there. he screamed like a bitch and let go.”. Always one to self promote, Travis’s other favorite anecdote is when he “gutted a wannabe blood gangster”, which he recounted to the chat saying, “was at a house party last saturday with a bunch of them, and a bunch of us got together and this cute german chick wanted everyone to either tell their most embarressing story or their most exciting one. of course she wanted me to go first and wanted my most exciting. i picked a good one about how i once stabbed someone. lol bro after i told that story, i swear some of them acted like they had ptsd.” Morrissey also repeatedly refers to his practice of Muy Thai, a form of martial arts kick boxing originating in Thailand, and claims that he trains regularly in a fight gym with a boxing ring in Oakland.
“when the lefties here in berkeley assume im one of them by virtue of ‘niceness’ and their preconceived notions of what the ‘other’ is, makes me giggle so much. its like a massive inside joke at their expense lol”
As an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science student, Morrissey was a participant in the EECS Discord Server as well, and led a “raid” on the student server, posting the link to the “Call in Show” server where various white nationalists and neo-Nazis attempted to “redpill” the computer science students. Previously stating “when the lefties here in berkeley assume im one of them by virtue of “niceness” and their preconceived notions of what the “other” is., makes me giggle so much. its like a massive inside joke at their expense lol (sic),”. It’s clear that although unwilling to openly advocate his bigoted viewpoints, Morrissey attempted to push his politics on Berkeley students on the sly telling other members of the discord to “…hide your power level”, which is a common attempt by deeply avowed and organized bigots to avoid risk and enjoy a consequence-free experience of life by being duplicitous with those around them. Posing as a Trotskyist “NazBol” or National Bolshevik going by the username “Permanent Revolution” Morrissey invited a plethora of white nationalists to the EECS discord, including one going by the name “FitnessByHeatherHeyer” (mocking the death of the anti-racist protestor murdered by white nationalist James Alex Fields Jr. at the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA). Morrissey had previously stated in the “Call in Show” server that he believed James’s vehicular attack was self-defense. During the EECS Discord raid, Morrissey advanced numerous Third Positionist (neo-fascist) talking points half attempting to gain traction, half hoping to impress the members of the “Call in Show” server. “You a NazBol as well?” Morrissey wrote, “A space for every race, and a chicken in every pot.” he later pushed a more openly antisemitic line, claiming “there were certain… subversive forces… that destroyed any real opportunity for a truly nationally conscious workers’ uprising”. 
“you could probably do some JQ (Jewish Question) trolling there” Morrissey notes before inviting numerous white nationalists into the UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Discord.
Morrissey attempting to “redpill” EECS students towards National Bolshevism and failing miserably.
One outright neo-Nazi invite into the EECS discord by Travis Morrissey: “Does this mean you guys don’t wanna help usher in the 4th reich? It’s gonna be sweet, we have funnel cake” notes user FitnessByHeatherHeyer, a username mocking the death of anti-racist protestor Heather Heyer, who was murdered by a fascist James Alex Fields Jr. in the vehicular attack at the 2017 Charlottesville “Unite the Right” Rally.
While within the “Call in Show” Server Morrissey sprinkled his antisemitism throughout his almost 23,000 archived messages – limited mostly to various “spicy memes” mocking the Holocaust and using the triple parentheses dogwhistle. He did however brag often about taking one semester of German, often spamming “Deutschland uber alles” and “wir mussen die Juden ausrotten (we must exterminate the Jews)” yet hid behind the deniability of just making an edgy joke. Yet within the EECS server under a completely anonymous username he became much more open, attempting to push an explicitly antisemitic worldview onto his classmates saying “all the capitalist can do is cry out in pain as he strikes.” referencing the common antisemitic slogan “the jew cries out in pain as he strikes you”. What the EECS raid appears to communicate is Morrissey’s intentional (if somewhat crude and ineffective) attempt to recruit fellow EECS students to an antisemitic worldview. Believing most of the EECS students were anti-capitalists due to some Marxist and semi-ironic pro-Communist Party of China memes shared, he tailored his entire approach to his perceived audience. Morrissey and most of the “Call in Show” accounts appear to have been banned from the server, shortly following. 
“At the end of the day, all the capitalist can do is cry out in pain as he strikes.”
Morrissey’s anti-Asian and anti-Muslim racism are also important to highlight. In one instance Morrissey describes that he, “. . . almost got ran over in my university owned apartment complex by an asian woman in a cadillac . bitch blew the stop sign with out even bothering to slow down. report her ass to the office (school employees) and they go on about how i shouldnt call the cops because shes a ‘woman of color’ and that would escalate things. ya know…because cops are racist”. Morrissey claims that he “confronted her about that, had her daughter in the car and everything” and stated “if we’re going to go that route of ‘no cops’ then ima enact some street justice” going on to say, “dont piss off an ex mechanic and expect your car to be safe to drive after, either that or i’ll expose her to the great leap foward”. Morrissey later stated that “. . . with an attitude like that, i wouldnt even hate fuck her”. Morrissey also remarked in the discord that “muslim women in western countries kill my faith in humanity” and “those chinese can fuck off, got a ton of them here advocating for communism”.

The fact that an avowed, outspoken bigot has attained an influential role in shaping the politics of Frat Row at UCB is unsurprising, considering the institution’s track record of the last five years. Unwavering support has been shown to the Berkeley College Republicans, a student group which has maintained ties to openly racist, white supremacist organizations such as Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement, Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman of the since-disbanded Fraternal Order of the Alt-Knights (F.O.A.K.) and the “Proud Goys” chat, Unite the Right organizer Chris Cantwell and others. Since the infamous community shutdown of Milo Yiannopoulos in February of 2017, UCB has doubled down on ensuring the right and ability of BCR to invite far-right, alt-right and blatantly white nationalist speakers to the school. Despite repeated urgings to keep students safe rather than providing opportunities for fascists to congregate and organize on their campus, UCB administration has instead offered “point – counterpoint panels” and First Amendment “exploration events” – all while BCR invites hundreds of local and regional fascist organizers and sympathizers to generally run amok in Berkeley. In the summer of 2017 Chancellor Carol Christ launched “Free Speech Year” in full support of hosting various far right racialist agitators, including Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager, Rick Santorum, Charlie Kirk, Sean Spicer and more recently, Ann Coulter. When criticized, Christ retorted that the best response to hate speech is more speech, and inner resilience is “the best form of safe space”, insinuating that students needed to toughen up and not be concerned with the fact that every BCR-sponsored event at UCB has drawn numerous fascists of various affiliations, including Proud Boys, Golden State Skinheads, and others with blatantly violent ambitions. Multiple accounts of harassment, intimidation and violence have been noted in conjunction with each event, but UCB hasn’t seen that as a significant issue. With the tacit approval of school administration, white nationalist organizing at Berkeley is likely to continue to proliferate.

It’s rare for an outspoken bigot who is obsessed with violence and who continually re-iterates their racism, misogyny, antisemitism, and other forms of hatred to keep their activities confined strictly to online rhetoric. In this case, Morrissey has shown admiration for a mass shooter, fetishized underage girls, joked repeatedly about rape and bragged of violent actions toward Black and Asian people, people who use drugs and unhoused people. He claims to be an advanced level martial arts practitioner and to be armed. For all of these reasons, we consider Travis Morrissey to be a threat to the community. If you have information about him and/or any of his fascist activities, please report them to us at Bay161 at riseup dot net.

Travis Morrissey appears to be currently unemployed and is looking for tech work having recently graduated.

He currently lives at 485 Ohlone Ave Apt 209, Albany, CA 94706.

He drives a grey 2005 Honda VTX1300S motorcycle CA License #: 18H2636 and a Blue Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle CA License #: 23P0493.

The full content of his messages as user “Big T (Discord ID: 297516168321957889) can be found hosted online at Unicorn Riot’s Far Right Investigations Desk:


Morrissey drinking with some buddies at an unverified Berkeley area bar. Morrissey has also noted he drinks at Kip’s Bar & Grill from time to time.


In addition to the white supremacist leadership of Travis Morrissey in the re-foundation of Acacia at UC Berkeley (2019-2021) following its suspension in 2017, (there is speculation that “national” pulled the plug on the Berkeley chapter due to member misconduct), Acacia in fact has a long history of harboring, and even championing race scientists, segregationists and associates of the Ku Klux Klan. All Alumni discussed below are currently featured on Acacia’s website under the heading Notable Acacians and are likewise celebrated on their official website, meant to inculcate in prospective candidates and active members a sense of pride in the fraternity’s lineage and history. This list is only a sampling of five “Notable Acacians” listed on acacia[dot]org. 
William Howard Taft (1857-1930)
President Taft (an Acacian at Yale, graduated 1913) developed a reputation as a protector of Jim Crow rule during his presidency, announcing in his inaugural address that he would not appoint Black people to federal jobs in what came to be known as his “Southern Policy”. Taft followed through by removing most Black office holders in the South and thus invited white supremacist retaliation and “redemption” against the states former employees. In the 1927 case Lum v. Rice, Taft wrote in favor of extending school segregation to children of Chinese ancestry which passed unanimously. Taft likewise described Junípero Serra, the colonial architect of the genocidal California Mission system as building “the beginning of civilization in California”. 
Arthur Capper (1865-1951)
The twentieth governor of Kansas from 1915-1919, and later senator from 1919-1949, Capper attended Kansas State University and graduated as an Acacian in 1916. In 1923 as senator Capper introduced an anti-miscegenation constitutional amendment outlawing “mixed-race marriages” but relented due to outcry from civil rights organizations. 
Stratton D. Brooks (1869-1949)
Acacian (University of Missouri, 1925) and the president of the University of Oklahoma (1912), and later University of Missouri (1923), Brooks found himself involved in a political battle between then Oklahoma Governor John C. Walton and Edwin DeBarr, the OU vice president who had openly opposed Walton and supported his rival Robert H. Wilson. Brooks spoke out stating “…the educational system must be removed as far as possible from political maneuvering,…(T)he university organization has been used against me by Yankee republicans and I believe that it should be in democratic hands.” Both Robert H. Wilson and Edwin DeBarr, Brooks associate and vice president were active members of the Ku Klux Klan. 
Ovie Clark “O.C.” Fisher (1903-1994)
As representative for Texas’s 21st congressional district (1943-1974) Ovie Clark Fisher was one of five representatives from Texas to sign on to the so-called “Southern Manifesto,” a response to the Brown v. Board of Education ruling that proclaimed to “resist forced integration by any lawful means” and played upon the same lost cause narratives that mobilized the Ku Klux Klan and other forms of white vigilantism after the defeat of the Confederate States of America. 
Steven Scalise (1965-Present)
Republican representative for Louisiana’s 1st congressional district and Acacain at Louisiana State (1986), Scalise has been described by the Washington Blade as having “the most anti-LGBT reputation of any lawmaker”. Scalise opposed the repeal of the US military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy and opposed the classification of anti-LGBTQ attacks as hate crimes. Scalise additionally supported Donald Trump’s 2017 executive order banning immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, and in 2002 spoke at the convention of the European-American Unity and Rights Organization, a group founded by former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (1974-1980) and member of the Louisiana House of Representatives 81st District (1989-1992) David Duke. 

Bay Area Community Advisory September 2020: Neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front

Recently the Torch Antifascist Network released 560+ leaked PDFs depicting over fifteen months of chat logs of Patriot Front’s “general” or membership-wide private RocketChat channel.  To access these files and read their analysis by Torch Network antifascist comrades: 
For a brief account of the formation and history of Patriot Front, see the above link or our previous community advisory from May of this year: 
As can be expected, these internal discussions reveal everything that white nationalists hope to keep to themselves, from the banal to the totally horrific. From relationship advice between misogynist bros to Zionist conspiracy theories, anti-blackness and scapegoating of immigrant people, these chats reveal exactly what one would expect: a seventh grade lunch table of violent xenophobia. This isn’t surprising, coming from an organization whose primary accomplishment so far is being associated with killing someone rather famously in Charlottesville. In the three years since that damning day, Patriot Front’s leadership has tried desperately to steer the group toward some semblance of legitimacy and trustworthiness. To no avail, it seems – the group is lousy with deeply entrenched bigots and Mama’s basement Nazis of the worst order. The chats reveal  the stark disparity between what they hope to convey to the general public, and what they’re actually about. 
This is what they say when they think no one is watching. 
The definition of their “Nation”, for example is much expounded upon, and as one could guess, is explicitly white: 
This is not surprising, since the “Manifesto” (their founding document, written by Rousseau when he was not yet 17) explicitly states that “nationhood is born of blood, not ink” and is available only to other descendants of European nations who colonized North America within a specific time frame. 
Their false assertion of victimhood even extends to “reverse racism” – aren’t Nazis the REAL victims here?!? Their patent delusions include thinking that white nationalism should be protected from any social consequences:
Various forms of hatred permeate the daily discourse. Homophobia is a constant:
Some congratulated a Florida member for defacing the Pulse Nightclub shooting memorial mural:
Of course there is blatant, unbridled misogyny: 

They need to blame their sad lot in life on a whole lot of people – generally demographically, so unsurprisingly their belief in bizarre anti-semitic conspiracies abounds:

Being a Nazi is generally depressing, so they spend a fair amount of time consoling each other and attempting to convince each other that being Nazis gives them a purpose in life. That, and just generally egging each other on to be better Nazis:
They also have very brittle and fragile egos and have an absolute obsession with comparing themselves favorably to other white supremacist organizations:
For the purposes of this advisory, we’ll be showcasing various screenshots to illustrate our points, but are primarily focused on California members. Here we have a local: “Charles” PF-8009, a young native of San Francisco who despite having been born and raised in one of the most diverse cities in the world, is very unhappy with diversity:  
In other parts of the chat, Charles admires Casa Pound’s base in Rome and states that he would love to host headquarters for white nationalists in San Francisco, but laments that the rent is too high. He is proud to have been radicalized in his early 20’s and not have suffered the fate of his three older brothers, whose potential lifespan he finds potentially at odds with his political goals:  
On the very same day he throws his actual brothers under the bus, his profile photo is of him and his three Patriot Front “brothers” (as they refer to each other) after their hypermasculine sparring session at Land’s End. One of the strapping young lads in this photo is undoubtedly the same person who has stickered the Sunset District along Lincoln, Irving and Judah streets, Golden Gate Park and the upper Haight. Perhaps he commutes via the N Judah train? Charles, is that you?!?
Of the approximately 160 Patriot Front members participating in the chats, fourteen are from California. There are two networks in California as of this writing – NorCal NW12  which formed 12/16/19 and of which there were approximately four members as of 1/3/20, SoCal NW14, and other members whose exact location are unknown.  Paul PF-7265 became the Northern California Network Director immediately upon its formation and travelled extensively the last 3 weeks of 2019 to DC, Maryland, Florida and Texas to network and create ties with other PF clusters and members. He definitely made connections in Virginia, where he moved around 6/1/20. Other members likely in NorCal are Josh PF-7674, Jack, and Henry, who was identified by Paul PF-7265 as having placed promotional materials around Lake Merritt. Perhaps this is his work? 
In Southern California the most active member is Michael PF-8485, who became Network Director on 3/2/20. 
Bay161 has been monitoring and mapping Patriot Front’s local activity for almost a year. In that time we’ve established a few patterns of where they’ve placed promotional materials and attempted to establish a presence. UC Berkeley, Laney College/Lake Merritt in Oakland, several points in Alameda are the most consistent. The community response has been inspiring:
When left alone to flourish, white nationalists create an unsafe environment for all those who are the targets of their considerable venom. Ignoring them is a bad idea, since many of us and those we care about are their “degenerates”, “mongrels”, “thots” and other groups they deem undeserving of free travel, migration, civil liberties and human rights.  Bay161 seeks any information as to the identities of the Patriot Front members detailed here and also exact locations and images of their promotional materials. Whenever it is safe to do so, please report tips to us at bay161 @ riseup dot net

Bay Area Community Advisory May 2020: Neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front is active near you.

Patriot Front was formed from the rubble of Vanguard America, after one of their members, James Alex Fields Jr. murdered antifascist Heather Heyer in Charlottesville August 12th 2017. In a slick PR move, their leader Thomas Rousseau ditched the tiki torch and declared everything merely pro-patriot that had been explicitly pro-white. But considering that their support of blatant white nationalism is unwavering, this flag-draping is nothing but rebranding after a high profile weekend that started with a flaming torch attack on outnumbered students and ended with vehicular homicide. 
Rousseau’s PF manifesto reads like patriotic gibberish – an NRA fundraising missive meets a 19th century presidential stump speech.  It veers from cherry picking history, mythologizing the “nation’s founders” and ultimately sounding as though Jonathan Livingston Seagull had done his American Lit report on Thomas Paine. But what’s important is what’s written between the lines – the now coded term “patriot”, who he’s attempting to mobilize and to what end. Rousseau’s “leadership” is a series of plays straight out of Mussolini’s Doctrine of Fascism, mimicking his rhetoric and techniques and hoping for a similar, proven trajectory. Hype up the resentful and disenfranchised about the former greatness of the nation, now sullied by the incursion of the unwanted “other”. Wax about the once proud and mighty people of this place, bowed before degeneracy, corruption and incompetence. Promise the return of greatness, the restoration of a just and prosperous era for the true heirs of this place (who in this case need to be 80% or more “pan-European”, heterosexual, cisgender and definitely not Jewish).  
It’s important to understand that their rhetoric is the tip of the iceberg. Make no mistake – Patriot Front are Nazis, and they want what all Nazis want. Their immediate goals are to intensify the false perception of white victimhood, create a vehicle for the intimidation of those they wish to cast as “others”, normalize scapegoating and conspiracy paranoia, and create cultural support for a white ethnostate. Their ultimate vision would include mass deportation, intimidation, violence, and genocide. There is no room in their “nation” for most of us – they’ve said so themselves:
“Those of foreign birth may occupy civil status within the lands occupied by the state, and they may even be dutiful citizens, yet they may not be American. Membership within the American nation is inherited through blood, not ink. Even those born in America may yet be foreign. Nationhood cannot be bestowed upon those who are not of the founding stock of our people, and those who do not share the common spirit that permeates our greater civilization, and the European diaspora.”
Promotional materials in the form of stickers, posters and stencils have been placed in various locations around the Bay Area with increasing frequency – over 50 times in approximately six months. Their members are fond of hitting places with cultural relevance, especially those perceived to be left-leaning, as revealed by their Twitter account. Repeat locations include Golden Gate Park, UC Berkeley, and Alameda. Some places are deliberately high profile, such as the corner of Haight and Ashbury and most recently, the front door of DIY space 924 Gilman Street. 
Although they are instructed via an elaborate “Promo Guide” to always operate in packs of three, this may not always be possible (and Nazis are ultimately cowards) so most of their promo runs happen in the middle of nowhere or late at night. Even so, if you happen to see one of these events in progress, please proceed with caution. These are avowed white supremacists, and members of this group have been proven violent. If you can, discreetly take a photo during and/or after the posting and send it with date, time, location and description of the poster(s) including any details you can *safely* obtain to: Bay161 at riseup dot net
Stay safe and defend your community!
BAY161 – SF bay area anti-fascist research collective